Bug #1078

songs causing pitch problems to tttheme2.mid using dmusic

Added by foobar over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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keep_on_rolling.mid = ok
little_blue_box_car.mid = ok
modern_motion.mid = ok
busy_schedule.mid = not ok
the_fast_route.mid = not ok
smooth_groove.mid = ok
train_filled_with_cash.mid = ok
ultimate_run.mid = ok
midnight_snow_run.mid = not ok
run_for_your_life.mid = ok
coconut_run2.mid = ok
harp_harmony.mid = ok
mighty_giant_run.mid = not ok
wood_whistles.mid = ok
linns_basket.mid = not ok
relax_song.mid = not ok
chemistry_lab.mid = not ok

the 7 songs marked "not ok" cause the pitch of tttheme2.mid to change incorrectly at certain time instances. This is most notably between 0:20 and 0:30 and only after one of the other songs has played. This is the same problem as reported in http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=48154

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Revision 95:6f8b36926c55
Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

Fix #1078: Let songs set their assumed defaults (editing by Xrufu)


#1 Updated by Ammler over 9 years ago

there is a new tttheme mini version on the forums:

could you test, if msx is working with it?

#2 Updated by foobar over 9 years ago

Pitch problem persists with new version replacing version in OpenMSX 0.3.0. I made sure there were no other versions of OpenMSX in the search path.

My conclusion, other songs are faulty as well.

#3 Updated by Rubidium over 9 years ago

I can confirm that; the changed midi file from that thread does not solve the issue if/when played with "Busy schedule".

#4 Updated by planetmaker over 9 years ago

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Applied in changeset 6f8b36926c55.

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