Bug #1073

medium font sprites too high (with accents)

Added by planetmaker about 10 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:ConfirmedStart date:2010-07-04
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Target version:OpenTTD


Accented sprites for the medium font are 13 pixels high. OpenTTD hard-codes a height of 10 pixels, allowing bottom and top one pixel for accents. This leaves OpenGFX' accented characters one pixel too high, causing glitches.

Make sure it's not an OpenTTD glitch.

company_name.png (30.9 KB) planetmaker, 2010-07-04 17:15


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The glitch does only happen, if you switch from ogfx to original, right?

#2 Updated by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

Maybe and hopefully this might be fixed on the OpenTTD side in order to provide support for double-sized GUI: http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=50095

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#5 Updated by frosch about 4 years ago

Issue also applies to the "$" symbol. See https://bugs.openttd.org/task/6394

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