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Added by DJNekkid about 11 years ago

Hi guys.

As we are "up to" version 1.0.1 and hopefully bugfree now, i would say we should discuss what to do in 2.0 or sooner...

As for the 1.1 I'd like to introduce thoose DMUs i got from alex (EXOspotter or something on tt-forums), but appart from that im quite blank.

As for 2.0, here is a few more or less good ideas:
  • Separate all engines/mus into one nfo file for each type (or in rare cases, in one file per family of trains (TGVs)).
  • Get rid of the MU Express wagon, and let the pax one be renamed to "MU Wagon", and let it be refittable to Mail as well. If there is a train one dont want to be refittable to mail, that can be done via one line of .nfo code, and an extra entry in the action 3 livery override. This would make it easier to do some graphicas eyecandy possible/way easier.
    - If someone want a mixed train, it isnt harder then make the engine, build 3 wagons, refit to mail, and then build 6 more to have the pax...
  • If a vehicle is built during "exclusive preview", it could be cheaper (i.e. subsidised by the producer to "field test"?)
  • Get more/better/nicer wagons
  • Get more trains, especially more early ones (from about 1920 or before, to about 1970 or so)
  • In general, clean and tidy up the code, and perhaps even make a .nfo template for the different types of trains, so the basic cargoID's ("names" of (var)action2) are a kind of standard.

Probably more, but this is what came to mind when i were waiting for my work-mate :)

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RE: New features ... ??? - Added by planetmaker about 11 years ago

Basically I agree with above thoughts.

Just a few further thoughs, in the same run there should be some modifications to the build system / nfo structure:
- language files should become easier on the translators, e.g. only stringID and string. Rest done by a script, which probably results in a revert to one action 04 for each string.
- use preprocessor in order to create the nfo file from a list of included files
- use preprocessor in order to replace ID_STRINGS by their appropriate IDs as defined in a seperate ID file.
- make is so, that with the same run also a TTDP compatible version of this set can be created.

I like the "template" idea for trains. This could be actually supported by the pre-processor as it allows definition of macros in that respect. Sidenote: actually one could go with the preprocessor even further and have templates for the actions / properties. But that's overdoing it probably - for the next version as it's then rather a kind of new higher-level NFO dialect and using the pre-processor to convert it back to standard NFO.

Concerning only one MU wagon type: I don't really like the idea. While it definitely is feasible and showing off the nfo coding skills, it is ugly from the end user perspective: It enhances difficulty to make mixed cargo trains, especially pax/mail/goods, a common thing IMO (at least I use frequently pax + mail in one train. And elegant coding solution shouldn't be detrimental to the user interface - which it would be IMO :)

RE: New features ... ??? - Added by planetmaker almost 11 years ago

Ok, what I'd like to see:

All code wise:
- easy translation system
- more orderly use of the vehicle IDs
- extended use of templates, building upon the existing one
- Switch "disable realism"
- Rather use cargo classes than explicit cargos.

User visible:
- "switch "disable realism": "realistic" allows only certain consists to be build. "as you like" will allow much more liberal train consists.
- more trains: especially earlier and later vehicles
- better wagon graphics
- revised and concise cargo assignment / table for wagons (maybe we can do without cargo translation table?)

RE: New features ... ??? - Added by melissaholt 7 months ago

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