How to decide who wins

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As you might know I've been working on a ladder for the coopetition and I've come to the point of adding and uploading games to be rated on. I want to know though what we will base the winner on at the end of the game. IMO it should be some combination of income, amount of vehicles (maybe correct it by TL somehow), and total loss. This will all lead to having the company earning the most to win the game, maybe we should go with a system more like the way TTD itself rates companies except that we would have other numbers for the total and that we leave some stuff out/add some.
I would like to hear your opinion on it and maybe even come up with a decent formula so I can get back to coding :P

Thraxians reply

If you've ever watched Iron Chef, you know that the judges score the meal based on a variety of factors: taste, creativity, and presentation.

I think a similar format could be used to judge OpenTTD games. Here are some potential categories:
Taste - how skilled the builders are at accomplishing the goal
(It's mostly about getting the job done - this category is strictly regulated through formulas, and is worth 40-70% of the total score)
  • Annual Profit - the more you make, the more points you get.
  • Vehicle Count - Ideally, we could have a way to deduct nonprofitable and eyecandy vehicles and only count the ones that are actually moving cargo.
  • Cargo Rating - Companies that have an above average cargo rating at their stations should be rewarded. Points based on the average station rating.
  • Annual Cargo Transported - The more stuff you move, the more points you earn. Possibly based on percentage of available cargo to transport (including towns and all industries).
Creativity - how creative the builders are when constructing their network
(Being creative is what #openttdcoop is about! This category is worth 20-30% of the total score)
  • Terraform - Those that work with the landscape should receive more points than those that flatten everything. Possibly based on percentage of "points" at the same elevation as the original map? Requires disabling towns' ability to terraform (through road construction and/or industry funding)
  • Network Design - point-to-point networks are not as creative as the standard #openttdcoop ML/SL structure.
  • Station Design - anyone can plop down a 2x5 station. Reward those that are creative in their placement of platforms. Station walking deducts from this score (heavily).
Presentation - how everything looks
(Making it look pretty is also nice, but not nearly as important as the other categories. Worth about 10-20% of the total score. Not much, but enough to tip the scales!)
  • Eyecandy - the "presentation" factor, which will vary based on the judge.
  • Signage - use of signs can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the network and give the whole map a new personality

My original thought was to use a scale like "Taste(70%) + Creativity(20%) + Presentation(10%)", but it's totally possible to do something more like "Taste(50%), Creativity(30%), Presentation(20%)"

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IMO the judging should be as objective and simple as possible. By objective I mean you don't take things like looks or design into consideration as what is considered good varies from person to person. With simple I mean that people will enter the game data and it only has to be checked by a judge for its validity. This leads to people needing to only enter information which is directly available to them and not having to calculate anything. If you make it more complicated it means alot of work for the judges in not only checking but most likely also in completing the information as people dont want to take alot of time entering the game information.
The parameters I currently use are loan, amount of stations and vehicles. On the vehicles part that is amount, income and running costs on a per vehicle type basis. That way the script can automatically calculate income and running costs too. The actual formula I will be using hasn't been defined yet though.

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Me thinks, Thraxian anwered for OSQC ;-)

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