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18:17 FIRS Industry Replacement Set Feature Request #3946 (Closed): Food market graphics
Pet peeve: the food market is obscured somewhat by the trees in front of it. Would it not be better to lose the trees...


18:11 FIRS Industry Replacement Set Feature #3931 (Closed): English translation variants
Still not entirely sure how Andy wants to go about this, but I've taken another stab at it. First up is an Americaniz...


10:48 Total Town Replacement Set Bug #3892 (Closed): Banks everywhere
The problem is caused when using both TTRS3 and FIRS, starting...


17:44 FooBar's Tram Tracks Bug #3887: No CC
Also, the side walls of the OGFX depots aren't aligned correctly.
17:15 FooBar's Tram Tracks Bug #3887 (Closed): No CC
The tram depots in this grf don't use CC for some reason. Of course, if you were to update the grf to use action 5 of...


19:07 Japanese Town Names Code Review #3840: New town names grf
You're right about the version check - sorry, I tried several methods of handling action 14s when coding last night. ...
11:17 Japanese Town Names Code Review #3840: New town names grf
dandan, about those version checks...
I don't know about OTTD, but apparently TTDP needs to be r2334 or better for...


14:35 OpenGFX+ Landscape Bug #3877 (Closed): Snow line height (r111)
The snow line parameters don't seem to be working properly in r111. See attached screenshot which has the snowline se...


16:05 OpenGFX+ Landscape Feature #3317: Parameter to choose foundations
Don't forget that foundations also need to be replaced using action A, the action 5 foundations alone aren't enough. ...
16:02 OpenGFX+ Landscape Bug #2311: Antenna and light house as NewObject
grunf? _ground_ :P

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