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11:48 Nutracks Bug #7923 (Closed): parameter granularity of construction and maintenance costs works weirdly
Applied in changeset commit:20a383b1a722.
11:47 DevZone Help Center Support #8446: SSH key change
Works fine, thanks.


22:35 Nutracks Revision 254:c56a33a23225: Change: Prepare repo for automated DevZone translations
17:52 DevZone Help Center Support #8446 (Closed): SSH key change
New public key attached. Would also be nice if the SSH fingerprint was visible in the profile.
16:55 Nutracks Feature #8445 (New): Legacy track label support
At least UKRS2 doesn't work properly with the new labels.


01:10 Nutracks Revision 253:03abcb32cb2e: Change: Prettify fences


00:06 Nutracks Revision 251:3aaff9cc9477: Change: Adjust low speed cost calculation to new default speed limit.
00:04 Nutracks Revision 250:46a94c5bfb01: Change: Set low speed maximum to 130 km/h by default to cover 80 mph t...


23:55 Nutracks Revision 249:50ffa37ac5b8: Change: Slight readme update
23:16 Nutracks Bug #8435 (New): Narrow gauge strangeness
The code never uses NAAN/NAAE, instead replacing MGLV/MONO. Is this really the way to go in general?

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