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23:16 Nutracks Bug #8435 (New): Narrow gauge strangeness
The code never uses NAAN/NAAE, instead replacing MGLV/MONO. Is this really the way to go in general?
22:28 PolTrams Feature Request #8434 (New): Allow mail and valuables on modern work trams
Currently, only the oldest work tram can carry mail and valuables, the others only can carry plain express cargo. Sin...


20:05 Nutracks Feature #8423 (New): Restore old HSL track graphics
Currently, the track bed looks more like asphalt than concrete, it used to be better. May need to adjust the fences/w...
19:38 Nutracks Feature #8422 (New): Fence selection
At least "default" and "NuTracks" should be available.
19:34 Nutracks Feature #8421 (New): Graphics sets from old NuTracks versions
Make them available again.
19:32 Nutracks Feature #2658: Finescale and narrow gauge tracks
Did manage to add narrow gauge sprites from the Japanese Track Set in the meantime.
19:30 Nutracks Feature #2658: Finescale and narrow gauge tracks
Still haven't managed to use coalroads_artist's tracks...
19:28 Nutracks Bug #7298: Early fences
should be wooden. Cutoff to be determined, or just use a parameter
19:17 Nutracks Feature #8420 (New): NAA3 and NAAZ fallback to NAAE
Only useful for unreleased French narrow gauge set.
19:16 Nutracks Feature #8419 (New): Upgrade X crossings when overbuilding a cheaper track type
Forum quote from adf88:
> How could this be achieved? By manipulation the "has power on" property (0F).
> When cr...

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