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12:03 DevZone Help Center Support #6570 (Closed): Move Britrains to 'Pending'
Leanden has indicated that he'd rather have the project move along a different path, I have enough others to work on,...


23:32 Central European Train Set Feature Request #6203 (Feedback): Add additional views for going uphill and downhill
This looks very odd in Locomotion ("rollercoaster trains") because the slopes are visually much steeper than what tra...
23:21 Central European Train Set Feature Request #6200: Make smooth train turn on 90 railway turn
Indeed so, but personally speaking, 90° turns are very ugly and slow, and I've always been able to avoid them. I just...


21:23 Central European Train Set Revision 756:f90859483400: Doc: try extracting some formulas from the online table mostly


16:20 Nutracks Revision 229:476b41942222: Change(s): put more in the readme, various minor
13:49 Nutracks Revision 228:f2b622437513: Feature: Train set auto-detection again
12:52 Nutracks Revision 227:584a9e4e3628: Fix: Fully move graphics blocks to prevent random sprite overwriting


17:37 Nutracks Revision 226:70c6b1f81675: Change: GPL version 3 because of the graphics from SMITS
16:36 Nutracks Revision 225:42c43e6bac3b: Doc: make readme more useful
14:48 Nutracks Revision 224:994475090f9a: Change: add URL, keep some old stuff and convert the useful parts to a...

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