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18:41 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #7540: Packaging misses nml module directory
Here's a two-liner fix (closes #7221 as well, which is the same problem).


13:17 Nutracks Feature #7444 (New): GUI sprites
At least replace the maglev sprites in the narrow gauge GUI.


05:48 Nutracks Bug #7298 (New): Fences
Low speed uses medium speed fences, I think this was intentional. Horizontal fences have problems, definitely not int...


14:13 Nutracks Feature #7271 (New): Varying track bed colors according to traction type
Lighter for electrified, like the minimap colors.
13:56 Nutracks Revision 247:b6803c66ba93: Add: more parameter descriptions
13:32 Nutracks Revision 246:fa0de2c07052: Feature: Values of track speed parameters influence track construction...
12:56 Nutracks Revision 245:32bc5953cc92: Add: Allow setting construction and maintenance cost parameters via th...
12:20 Nutracks Revision 244:b48e793b439d: Change: shift cost exponent (?) by 10 for better granularity
12:10 Nutracks Revision 243:9ed18b0d4c97: Change: Construction and maintenance costs now governed by parameters
09:44 Nutracks Revision 242:52335e7c265d: Change: Use more visible shade of green for low speed tracks

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