The OpenSFX project for OpenTTD: a free replacement of the base sounds so that OpenTTD can be shipped finally fully functional without the need for non-free files.


hg clone http://dev.openttdcoop.org/hg/opensfx



Mirrors: http://www.openttd.org/download-opensfx

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Manager: Ammler, foobar, planetmaker, Rubidium
Translation Manager: eints
Translator af_ZA: telanus
Translator ca_ES: Bassals, juanjo
Translator cs_CZ: The_Dude
Translator da_DK: Elyon
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Translator et_EE: ISA
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Translator fr_FR: arikover, krinn, OliTTD, romazoon
Translator gd_GB: GunChleoc
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Translator pt_PT: vesgo
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Translator sv_SE: Zuu
Translator tr_TR: muratikilik, riper
Translator zh_CN: dirace, DongFeng, siu238X, xiangyigao
Translator zh_TW: siu238X, wix3000, xiangyigao

Latest news

OpenSFX 0.2.2 (2 comments)
Added by Rubidium almost 6 years ago

OpenSFX 0.2.0
Added by Rubidium about 6 years ago

OpenSFX 0.1.0
All non-toyland sounds are done.
Added by Rubidium over 6 years ago

OpenSFX 0.1.0-alpha2
All non-toyland non-vehicle sounds are done.
Added by Rubidium over 6 years ago

OpenSFX 0.1.0-alpha1
Today the first OpenSFX release has been made.
Added by Rubidium over 6 years ago

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