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Manager: planetmaker
Developer: Rubidium
Translation Manager: eints
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Translator ca_ES: Bassals, juanjo
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Translator en_US: Supercheese
Translator eo_EO: Lunate
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Translator hu_HU: Brumi, molace, zaza
Translator id_ID: UseYourIllusion, Yoursnotmine
Translator it_IT: Snail, Voyager1
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Translator la_VA: Supercheese
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Translator pt_PT: vesgo
Translator ru_RU: aantono, George
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Translator zh_CN: dirace, DongFeng, siu238X, xiangyigao
Translator zh_TW: siu238X, wix3000, xiangyigao

Latest news

OpenMSX 0.3.1 released (4 comments)
With OpenMSX 0.3.1 is a maintenance release mainly behind the scenes. Especially windows users are encouraged to update.
Added by planetmaker about 5 years ago

OpenMSX 0.3.0 - a full set
With OpenMSX 0.3.0 we proudly present a full music replacement set for OpenTTD.
Added by planetmaker about 5 years ago

OpenMSX 0.2.1 released (3 comments)
OpenMSX 0.2.1 relased with a new title theme and a few new and updated songs
Added by planetmaker over 5 years ago

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