The OpenGFX project for OpenTTD: a free replacement of the base graphics so that OpenTTD can be shipped finally fully functional without the need for additional downloads.


hg clone http://hg.openttdcoop.org/opengfx


http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/opengfx/nightlies/LATEST (nightly)
http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/opengfx/releases/LATEST (releases)

Mirrors: http://www.openttd.org/download-opengfx

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Manager: Ammler, foobar, planetmaker
Developer: Alberth, Ammler, andythenorth, dnicholls, foobar, frosch, planetmaker, Rubidium, Terkhen, yexo
Translation Manager: eints
Contributor: 2006TTD, andythenorth, athanasios, Born_Acorn, DanMacK, DJNekkid, drginaldee, Gen.Sniper, Jupix, LordAzamath, zephyris
Inactive: bilbo, edorfaus
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Translator zh_TW: siu238X, wix3000, xiangyigao

Latest news

OpenGFX 0.5.2
Maintenance release with additional spirtes to support OpenTTD 1.5.0
Added by planetmaker 10 months ago

OpenGFX 0.5.1
OpenGFX 0.5.1 released to be used with OpenTTD 1.2.0 or later.
Added by planetmaker almost 2 years ago

OpenGFX 0.4.6
Added by planetmaker about 3 years ago

OpenGFX 0.4.5
Maintenance release for OpenTTD trunk users (OpenTTD 1.3+)
Added by planetmaker over 3 years ago

OpenGFX 0.4.4
OpenGFX 0.4.4 brings updates and fixes to a number of sprites, including font additions. It also introduced the makefile target clean-gfx
Added by planetmaker almost 4 years ago

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