A tool to convert a meta-language to grf and/or nfo files, making newgrf coding easier.





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Manager: Alberth, Hirundo, planetmaker, yexo
Developer: frosch, planetmaker, Rubidium, Terkhen
Reporter: Ammler

Latest news

NML 0.4.1 released
Maintenance release which (hopefully) makes packaging possible again
Added by planetmaker 5 months ago

NML 0.4.0 released
NML 0.4.0 is released. It requires python3.2+ now and offers improved NewGRF support and gains much speed by using caching for sprite encodings
Added by planetmaker 7 months ago

NML now using python 3.2+
NML nightlies leading towards NML 0.4.0 require now python 3.2 or newer
Added by planetmaker over 1 year ago

NML 0.3.1 released
NML 0.3.1 is a maintenance release to the 0.3 branch
Added by planetmaker over 1 year ago

NML 0.2.4 released
Mostly a bug-fix release for the 0.2 branch, but it also adds some minor features mostly in the form of previously unsupported variables/callbacks.
Added by yexo almost 3 years ago

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