DevZone Help Center: Unresolveable Issues

Added by Ammler over 2 years ago

We have unresolvable Issues on our new Server which forces us going back to the old host so we can analyze the new server without having the risk of data loss. This will happen this week sometime.

Basically services will change again IP and might be temporally unreachable for some which have bad ISP with own non-rfc compliant DNS cache rules. ->

Please use Forum or Issue Tracker to discuss further...

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.4.5

Added by planetmaker over 2 years ago

This release brings you the sprites for the indication of the happiness in the townlist. You want this release if you play with OpenTTD trunk or OpenTTD 1.3 or newer.

Note to package maintainers: No need to update OpenGFX, if you ship OpenTTD 1.2.x or older.

Note2: OpenGFX 0.4.5 builds with NML = 0.2.3 only successfully. (not > 0.2.3, checksum issue)

DevZone Help Center: Hardware Check

Added by Ammler over 2 years ago

As we had some serious issues with our new Server (almost daily complete outages). Our ISP ( will make a full hardware check, we scheduled this check for night from Tuesday to Wednesday 00:00 UTC

Server will be down for around 10 hours.

Every service of #openttdcoop will be infected. (except #openttdcoop PublicServer)

World Airliners Set: Release of Version 0.1

Added by Beardie27 over 2 years ago

The World Airliners Set v0.1 is Now Available in the files section on here or in the first post of the tt-forums topic

GRFCodec / NFORenum: GRFCodec 6.0.1

Added by Rubidium over 2 years ago

Today we released a new stable of GRFCodec. This release primarily fixes some issues with GRF container format 2 and updates the NFORenum validation data.

DevZone Help Center: New Server

Added by Ammler over 2 years ago

During the next week until the end of the weekend (2012-9-16), we will migrate the #openttdcoop services to the new host. There could be some downtime of single services, the big bunch is planned to be moved on next Saturday. We don't have planned downtime, if a service is unreachable, try again an hour later or visit us at our irc channels (#openttdcoop, #openttdcoop.devzone)

Thanks in advance for your patience. :-)

Library: Pathfinder.Road: Version 4 have been released

Added by Zuu over 2 years ago

The Road Path Finder for AIs have been updated and also made available for Game Scripts

The updated libraries can be found on bananas:
For AIs:
For Game Scripts:

Library: Queue.FibonacciHeap: Version 3

Added by Zuu almost 3 years ago

A more detailed description about the changes in version 3 can be found here:

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.4.4

Added by planetmaker almost 3 years ago

This release fixes a number of bugs with sprites and the fonts received additional and updated glyphs for better support of some languages.

See the changelog for a full list:

Maintainers may note some changes to the build targets:
- maintainer-clean WILL delete from the tar bundle the file to check the md5 sums against. Do not use that
- distclean will restore the source bundle to its prestine state
- clean-gfx will remove the pngs from the source bundle which can be re-generated from the source xcf files
Thus if you want to build the package completely from source, grab the tar bundle (or a repository checkout) and run clean-gfx to ensure that the png files are cleaned and thus re-generated from source.

GRFCodec / NFORenum: GRFCodec 6.0.0

Added by Rubidium almost 3 years ago

Today we released a new major release of GRFCodec. The major feature of this release is the support for 32bpp and extra zoom graphics. This required changes in the GRF container format and the NFO, so both got an overhaul as well. GRF container format 2 allows much bigger (pseudo) sprites and NFO v32 makes it possible to add multiple real sprite to a 8bpp sprite. Finally the -n option for GRFCodec tries to find the smallest compression yielding slightly smaller GRFs.

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