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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7322Iron HorseBugNewNormalinvalid TOUR refitandythenorth2014-11-26 12:57

7319xUSSR SetBugNewHighВсе ливреи тепловоза ТЭ3 выглядят одинаковоGeorge2014-11-24 11:13Тепловозы0.3

7313OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalForests invisible when industries are transparent2014-11-21 16:44

73112cctsBugNewNormalSteel Lightweight Intercity Coach is too cheap to buy2014-11-21 17:58

7300YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormalStrings LIE2014-11-19 11:46

7299YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormal5X without a dock2014-11-19 11:39

7298NutracksBugNewNormalFences2014-11-17 05:48Next release

7297Dutch Trains 2BugNewLowNS Hispeed 186 + icr misalignment2014-11-16 21:43Graphics

7294OpenGFX MarsBugNewImmediateRover Graphics Missing2014-11-11 14:17

7291OpenGFX MarsBugNewNormalRegolith mine, ore mine & regolith processing glitches2014-11-09 14:37

7288OpenGFX Mars Tracks and TrainsBugNewNormalShort double headed train misalignment 2014-11-08 23:20

7285OpenGFX Mars IndustriesBugNewNormalElectrolysis building misaligned2014-11-08 13:06

7244OpenGFXBugConfirmedNormalSemaphore signals2014-10-20 17:34Extras

7242YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormalPostproduction: Top edges of spritesV4530002014-10-20 05:59

7229zBaseBugNewNormalAlignment errors2014-10-15 20:25

7228zBaseBugNewNormalMissing GUI sprites2014-10-15 20:20

7204World Airliners SetBugNewNormalClean up forum2014-10-06 15:14

71942cctsBugAssignedNormalCost balancingTransportman2014-10-28 10:35Code1.0-RC1

7187Renewed City GrowthBugNewNormalIn tropical climate towns needs also water/food2014-09-23 19:46

7185NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalparameters in produce block2014-09-23 10:53

7170xUSSR SetBugAssignedUrgentИсправить вертикальные спрайты Д* (короткие) Wowan2014-09-19 16:11МВПС Дизельный0.3

7169Road HogBugNewNormalLoading speeds are default (5)2014-09-19 15:59

7153xUSSR SetBugAssignedUrgentЭД4М. вид хвостового поверх прицепного наложенsimozzz_AK2014-09-16 05:02МВПС Элекрический0.3

7120OpenTTD Time Table Improvements PatchBugNewHighTimetabling waiting time in depots2014-09-11 17:15

7119OpenTTD Time Table Improvements PatchBugNewNormalCheck outcommented DParams in order_gui.cpp, PrepareShortOrderText2014-09-11 16:41

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