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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7991DevZone Help CenterBugNewImmediateCF is broken2016-02-07 14:30

7976zBaseBuildBugNewNormalSmall misalignment2016-01-19 21:42

79702cctsBugNewNormalCertain passenger cars are not available for America2016-01-19 10:10

79682cctsBugNewNormalStats fixes2016-01-21 12:32

7960towngrowthadjuster-gsBugConfirmedLowTowns not shrinkingAphid2016-01-07 22:19

7958WebtranslatorBugNewNormalSave changes & get next string button not working2016-01-07 17:21

79392cctsBugAssignedNormalVehicle running costs not affected by base cost modsTransportman2016-01-06 20:45Code

7923NutracksBugNewNormalparameter granularity of construction and maintenance costs works weirdly2015-12-27 20:15

79212cctsBugNewNormalMissing smoke on B-unitsTransportman2015-12-26 12:06

7918NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalottd_display_speed outdated2015-12-25 15:45

7917FRISS - Rail InfrastructureBugNewNormalOJ2010 graphic bugs2015-12-25 14:59

7912FRISS - Rail InfrastructureBugConfirmedNormalOdd values in top speedsjuzza12015-12-25 16:03

79112cctsBugNewNormalCamrail ZE500 DMU shows electric sparks instead of diesel smokeTransportman2015-12-25 09:17

7859WebtranslatorBugNewNormalFixed translations are discarded2015-12-18 20:58

78532cctsBugAssignedLowNSWGR AD60 has wrong TETransportman2015-12-13 16:25Code2.0-alpha1

7850Polish PKP Set 2.0BugNewNormalAI fails with WM-15ATadeuszD2015-12-11 09:03Functionality

78492cctsBugNewNormalPantographs don't appear on some new MUs2015-12-10 16:04

78412cctsBugFeedbackNormalAll new MU's have life of 40 years2015-12-06 10:11

7833Polish PKP Set 2.0BugNewNormalCement colour for Wddo2015-12-05 22:19Graphics

78292cctsBugAssignedNormalCargo wagon weightTransportman2015-11-28 08:04Code2.0-alpha1

78162cctsBugNewNormalVehicles and other oversized cargo should be excluded from box carsTransportman2015-10-30 18:47

78152cctsBugConfirmedNormalCC_COVERED should not be transported on flat carsTransportman2015-10-30 18:46Code2.0-alpha1

78142cctsBugAssignedNormalcargo capacity of freight carsTransportman2015-10-30 18:45Code2.0-alpha1

7812FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewNormalarctic bulk terminal graphics glitch2015-10-23 11:39

7811FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewNormalIron ore mine ground-plate in arctic is too green2015-10-20 19:52

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