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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
75922cctsBugNewNormalWagon type translationsTransportman2015-03-26 18:09

7590xUSSR SetBugFeedbackHighПерекраска реверсного Фsimozzz_AK2015-03-28 16:27Электровозы0.4

7576Finnish TrainsetBugAssignedHighOffsets wrong for flipped vehiclesjuzza12015-03-16 09:37

7572Finnish TrainsetBugFeedbackNormalCargos and RL counterparts2015-03-16 12:22

7570Finnish TrainsetBugConfirmedHighDepot view broken for extra long graphicsjuzza12015-03-15 20:37

7569Finnish TrainsetBugAssignedHighTrack type effects not working on custom railtypesjuzza12015-03-15 19:17

7561redFISHBugNewNormalBarge speedLSky2015-03-14 23:38

7560redFISHBugNewNormalBarge price and capacityLSky2015-03-14 23:34

7557PolroadBugNewNormalother bugs/TODO2015-03-13 20:29

7556Finnish TrainsetBugNewNormalBugs2015-03-15 22:09

7552OpenGFXBugNewNormal2nd rock type2015-03-11 17:580.5.2

7550TIQ (TTD Image Quantizer)BugNewNormalRewrite2015-03-10 07:38

7549TIQ (TTD Image Quantizer)BugNewNormalFuture updates2015-03-10 07:34

7540NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalPackaging misses nml module directory2015-03-29 12:250.4.1

7531xUSSR SetBugFeedbackNormalУ Рижского завода после 1991 года вывести в названии (Латвия)Wowan2015-03-28 16:31Тексты / строки0.4

7523OpenGFX+ Road VehiclesBugNewNormalCheck sound for trams2015-02-25 09:39

7521Busy Bee GSBugNewNormalDon't make goals that can be achieved by already existing transport2015-03-29 10:07

7518OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalUnused rock variations are no longer unused2015-02-22 13:28

7513FRISS - Rail InfrastructureBugNewNormalBranch line tracks (35 and 50 kmph) construction costs higher than mainlinekyosuke19892015-02-21 00:57

75092cctsBugNewNormalOBB 1161 uses wrong graphicsTransportman2015-02-20 05:04

7505Busy Bee GSBugConfirmedNormalScript name changes with commits2015-02-22 20:47

7496Busy Bee GSBugNewNormalScript produces non-feasible goals2015-02-19 01:08

7484OpenGFX+ TrainsBugNewHigh8bpp loaded cargo is not shown2015-02-19 16:51

7441TutorialBugNewNormalcrash in tutorial2015-02-02 19:48

7426FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewHighBug in cargo - Machine Shop.2015-02-12 11:30Cargos

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