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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
6997Japanese StationsBugNewNormalBuffer Alignment out of whack.stevenh2014-07-23 23:38

6996NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalCompilation error when using 'signal_on_traffic_side' in a switch2014-07-24 06:34

6992FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewNormalfirs & ttrs3 incompatibility 2014-07-10 19:22

698832bpp-ez-buildBugNewUrgentProblem with licensejimmyb52014-07-09 08:21

69852cctsBugNewNormalOverlap with redrawn vehicles2014-07-06 15:10Code

6982Admin SoapBugNewNormalIRC to game chat does not work when a supybot command character is not set2014-06-30 21:37

6972NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalHardcoded revision in the source bundle and path2014-06-15 13:250.3.1

6968Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsBugNewNormalError after 110:89f27edb58ba if unix2dos not found2014-06-11 18:30

6960OpenGFXBugNewHighfail build when grfid not foundplanetmaker2014-06-07 18:33build system

69572cctsBugConfirmedNormalMissing vehicles from the old setTransportman2014-07-02 17:16

69342cctsBugNewNormalEngines have wrong power2014-05-28 15:36Code

6924Japanese BuildingsBugNewNormalReview how a shrine helps towns grow2014-05-21 05:11

6915World Airliners SetBugNewUrgentUpdate Facts An2252014-05-16 21:27General NMLWorld Airliners Set v1.0

6914World Airliners SetBugNewUrgentUpdate Facts An1242014-05-16 21:20General NMLWorld Airliners Set v1.0

6913World Airliners SetBugNewHighFix A320 Family Greyscale (shading)2014-05-16 21:22GraphicsWorld Airliners Set v1.0

6910OpenGFX MarsBugNewNormalunderground of roads is non-snowy in toyland climate2014-05-13 18:58

6906NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalOddity with assignment of HouseIDs2014-05-09 21:12

6899FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewNormalDredging sites show steam-age sprites during construction2014-05-04 07:051.3.1

6889termiteBugNewNormalnarrow gauge sloped pbs overlays2014-04-27 12:29

6888termiteBugNewNormalothervehicles.pnml2014-04-27 11:50

6887xUSSR SetBugNewUrgentПотеряна юбка на немоторном вагоне ЭР200LitNik2014-04-27 06:26МВПС Элекрический0.3

6882OpenGFXBugNewNormal0.5.0: Improper source bundleplanetmaker2014-04-22 09:21build system

6877OpenGFXBugNewNormalingame newgrf-website link missing /projects/2014-04-21 13:07

6870NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalversion detection somewhat broken2014-04-19 07:160.4.0

6848OpenGFXBugNewNormalMissing readme and changelog2014-04-02 11:45build system

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