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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
28512cc train setFeatureNewNormalNew wagons - completeDJNekkid2011-10-29 11:22Graphics2.0

20122cc train setFeatureNewNormalNew York Central T-motorDJNekkid2011-08-23 02:05

25452cc train setFeatureNewNormalPax/mail wagonsDJNekkid2011-04-19 16:51

22282cc train setBugFeedbackNormalr727DJNekkid2011-03-15 19:27

17302cc train setFeatureReopenedNormalWashington 7000DJNekkid2011-01-29 18:58

20662cc train setFeatureNewNormalColossal's file with 2TE10DJNekkid2010-12-29 14:21

20702cc train setBugFeedbackNormalr704 bugsDJNekkid2010-12-27 18:50

19022cc train setFeatureFeedbackNormalBR Class 67DJNekkid2010-12-24 02:13

19442cc train setFeatureNewNormalTwo engines from NekoMasterDJNekkid2010-11-28 11:09

18052cc train setFeatureNewNormalMLX01 (Maglev)DJNekkid2010-11-21 17:12

17582cc train setFeatureNewNormalShangai TransrapidDJNekkid2010-11-17 16:10

16832cc train setFeatureNewNormalEurostarDJNekkid2010-10-24 18:01

14512cc train setBugNewNormaldelete versions DJNekkid2010-09-08 19:14

7692cc train setBugNewLowDM3's alignment is a bitch to get right :DDJNekkid2010-02-28 19:36Graphics2.0

33012cc train setFeatureNewNormalSome more steamersEmperorJake2011-12-01 11:24

20072cc train setFeatureNewNormalComplete Rework of Freight rolling stockEmperorJake2011-03-10 06:53Graphics2.0

61672cc train setBugNewNormalWhite line above Hopper2013-07-09 16:25Graphics

21742cc train setBugNewNormalBlinking flag2013-02-06 20:13

10512cc train setFeatureNewNormalPolish translation2013-02-06 20:03Translation

36532cc train setBugNewImmediateDevZone compile failed2012-02-06 17:33

35972cc train setBugNewNormalNo support for MUs with unpowered middle or rear sections2012-01-26 01:03

35962cc train setBugNewNormalData and other errors for some German engines2012-01-26 01:01

35952cc train setBugNewNormalSteam engine TE is much too high2012-01-26 00:37

35532cc train setFeatureNewNormalItalian translation2012-01-17 10:37Translation

33242cc train setBugNewNormal2cc train set r7542011-12-07 20:53EMU/DMU

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