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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7239Central European Train SetFeatureNewNormalComprehensive 32 bpp livery table/demonstrator fileoberhuemer2014-10-25 17:59

7264NewGRF Meta LanguageSupportNewUrgentnmlc ERROR: Unable to allocate ID for [random]switch, sprite set/layout/group or produce-block2014-10-25 14:17

72252cc Tram SetFeatureNewNormalCargo Trams - Graphics2014-10-24 17:34

7263YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormal4X should say it needs food2014-10-24 15:16

7246World Airliners SetBugNewImmediateweird syntax errorGeorge2014-10-23 11:30General NML

7260OpenGFX Mars Tracks and TrainsBugNewNormalTrain lifetime2014-10-22 16:29

7259OpenGFX Mars Tracks and TrainsBugNewNormalRefit classes broken2014-10-22 16:28

7258OpenGFX Mars IndustriesFeatureNewNormalMore layouts2014-10-22 16:26

7257OpenGFX Mars IndustriesFeatureNewNormalColour variation2014-10-22 16:23

7256OpenGFX Mars IndustriesBugNewNormalFarms and fields2014-10-22 16:20

7247OpenGFX Mars IndustriesBugNewNormalRegolith processing plant production 2014-10-22 16:19

7255OpenGFX Mars IndustriesBugNewNormalToyland industries2014-10-22 16:15

7254OpenGFX Mars Roads and RoversBugNewNormalDesert road sprites mixed up2014-10-22 16:12

7248OpenGFX Mars IndustriesFeatureNewNormalLife support centre2014-10-22 08:07

7251Admin SoapFeature RequestNewNormalUpdate topic with OpenTTD's version / revision2014-10-22 07:39

7205Manpower-industriesBugNewNormalsteel mill stockpileciekma2014-10-21 23:45

7249OpenGFX Mars Roads and RoversFeatureNewNormalRoad vehicles need coding2014-10-21 07:34

7244OpenGFXBugConfirmedNormalSemaphore signals2014-10-20 17:34Extras

7243Latin Town NamesFeature RequestNewNormalEnable CompileFarm for project2014-10-20 09:04

7242YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormalPostproduction: Top edges of spritesV4530002014-10-20 05:59

7240OpenGFX Mars ColoniesBugNewNormalTown cargo acceptance2014-10-19 12:30

7174YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesFeatureNewNormalAdding 5-X Trade Merchant2014-10-16 13:56

7000ECSCode ReviewAssignedLowRemaining time with pluralsGeorge2014-10-16 13:34

7229zBaseBugNewNormalAlignment errors2014-10-15 20:25

7228zBaseBugNewNormalMissing GUI sprites2014-10-15 20:20

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