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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7324Road HogFeatureNewNormalSet loading speeds2014-11-28 23:23

7323NUTS Unrealistic Train SetBugNewNormalIssue with spritesmatthew577782014-11-28 19:11Train Sprites

7322Iron HorseBugNewNormalinvalid TOUR refitandythenorth2014-11-26 12:57

7321DevZone Help CenterMembershipFeedbackImmediateApplying for project: EZ RoadsetHyronymus2014-11-25 21:13NewProject

7320The 2cc Bus SetFeatureNewNormalIntercity buses2014-11-24 16:58

73112cctsBugNewNormalSteel Lightweight Intercity Coach is too cheap to buy2014-11-21 17:58

7313OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalForests invisible when industries are transparent2014-11-21 16:44

6711Iron HorseFeatureNewHighNG flat cars need loads2014-11-21 14:14

7301YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesFeatureNewNormal3rd cargo for 4X2014-11-19 12:04

7300YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormalStrings LIE2014-11-19 11:46

7299YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewNormal5X without a dock2014-11-19 11:39

7297Dutch Trains 2BugNewLowNS Hispeed 186 + icr misalignment2014-11-16 21:43Graphics

7291OpenGFX MarsBugNewNormalRegolith mine, ore mine & regolith processing glitches2014-11-09 14:37

7258OpenGFX Mars IndustriesFeatureNewNormalMore layouts2014-11-08 23:43

7288OpenGFX Mars Tracks and TrainsBugNewNormalShort double headed train misalignment 2014-11-08 23:20

7286NewGRF Meta LanguageSupportNewNormalDocument NewGRF animation2014-11-08 15:58

7285OpenGFX Mars IndustriesBugNewNormalElectrolysis building misaligned2014-11-08 13:06

7248OpenGFX Mars IndustriesFeatureNewNormalLife support centre2014-11-07 15:22

7283DevZone Help CenterSupportFeedbackNormalNew subrepo2014-11-05 19:10

6892xUSSR SetFeatureNewNormalFIRS scrap metal/alcohol unsupportedWowan2014-11-03 00:55

7271NutracksFeatureNewNormalVarying track bed colors according to traction type2014-11-01 14:13

1349NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewLowExplicitly declare language files to be used2014-10-31 22:16

2785NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalproblem with spritelayout parameters2014-10-31 22:07

5858NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewNormalUnify replace and replacenew (and base_graphics)2014-10-31 21:33

72252cc Tram SetFeatureNewNormalCargo Trams - Graphics2014-10-27 18:13

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