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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7521Busy Bee GSBugNewNormalDon't make goals that can be achieved by already existing transport2015-03-29 10:07

7594Road HogFeatureNewNormal3 pc Twinhills Tramandythenorth2015-03-29 03:11

7593Road HogFeatureNewNormalNew graphics for Ladycross Tramandythenorth2015-03-29 03:10

75922cctsBugNewNormalWagon type translationsTransportman2015-03-26 18:09

7591Road HogFeatureNewNormalNew Sprites for McDowell Covered Hopper Truckandythenorth2015-03-25 02:24

7587Road HogFeatureAssignedNormalBrigand Supplies Truck Graphicsandythenorth2015-03-22 16:02

7589WebtranslatorFeature RequestNewNormalAdd "Proof-read" language2015-03-22 11:28

7588Road HogFeatureNewNormalEarly (1915ish) Livestock truck?andythenorth2015-03-22 07:14

7572Finnish TrainsetBugFeedbackNormalCargos and RL counterparts2015-03-16 12:22

7576Finnish TrainsetBugAssignedHighOffsets wrong for flipped vehiclesjuzza12015-03-16 09:37

7573Finnish TrainsetFeatureAssignedLowShow te and power for default regearingjuzza12015-03-15 22:11

7556Finnish TrainsetBugNewNormalBugs2015-03-15 22:09

5450Finnish TrainsetBugConfirmedNormalFinding of wagons/other units which are looking too "tubeous" in long consist and editing them to non-tubeous ones2015-03-15 21:44

7574Finnish TrainsetFeatureAssignedLowRecolour all bulk with recolour spritejuzza12015-03-15 21:25

7570Finnish TrainsetBugConfirmedHighDepot view broken for extra long graphicsjuzza12015-03-15 20:37

7553Finnish TrainsetFeatureAssignedNormal40 px long coaches and multiple unitsjuzza12015-03-15 20:36

7571Finnish TrainsetFeatureAssignedLowCargo subtype texts for some wagons with cargo-specific spritesjuzza12015-03-15 19:44

7569Finnish TrainsetBugAssignedHighTrack type effects not working on custom railtypesjuzza12015-03-15 19:17

7199Road HogFeatureNewNormalVehicles for year 2000+2015-03-15 07:41

7563Road HogFeatureNewNormalGen 5 Semi Truck Cabsandythenorth2015-03-15 07:41

7562Road HogFeatureNewNormalPreliminary Graphics for first horse-drawn Vehicles and Amimationandythenorth2015-03-15 06:36

7561redFISHBugNewNormalBarge speedLSky2015-03-14 23:38

7560redFISHBugNewNormalBarge price and capacityLSky2015-03-14 23:34

4679Finnish TrainsetFeatureNewNormalSome in-progress (broadside) sprites to be done2015-03-14 16:06

7555PolroadFeature RequestNewNormalTODO listciekma2015-03-13 20:29

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