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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
8426Polish PKP Set 2.0Feature RequestNewNormalTy2 heating&price2017-02-22 13:22

8423NutracksFeatureNewNormalRestore old HSL track graphics2017-02-18 20:05

8422NutracksFeatureNewLowFence selection2017-02-18 19:38

8421NutracksFeatureNewLowGraphics sets from old NuTracks versions2017-02-18 19:34

8420NutracksFeatureNewLowNAA3 and NAAZ fallback to NAAE2017-02-18 19:17

8419NutracksFeatureNewLowUpgrade X crossings when overbuilding a cheaper track type2017-02-18 19:16

8418NutracksFeatureNewLowFree or negative-cost track downgrades2017-02-18 19:12

8417NutracksFeatureNewLowChange track bed color depending on traction type2017-02-18 19:09

8407Bee RewardFeatureNewNormalHandle inflation in rewards2017-01-29 18:02

8402OpenGFX Mars IndustriesFeatureNewNormalsimplified chinese lng2017-01-15 09:52

8401OpenGFX Mars IndustriesBugNewNormal Aquifer Pump's requirment2017-01-15 06:07

8400Polish PKP Set 2.0Feature RequestAssignedNormalRunning cost for wagon w/o brakesTadeuszD2017-01-10 20:54Functionality

8393Polish PKP Set 2.0Feature RequestNewNormalECS tourist capacity2016-12-29 12:46

8382DevZone Help CenterMembershipFeedbackLowApplying as translatorgyf98352016-12-20 10:11Translations

8378FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewNormalOffsets in cokes oven are incorrect2016-12-02 15:53

8377FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewNormalSlag grinding plant chops wood2016-12-02 14:55

83532cctsBugNewNormalAI flag set to passenger for all vehicles2016-11-28 17:39

8369YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesBugNewUrgent4X Worker Yard not processing BDMTSylf2016-11-15 10:12

8366Manpower-industriesFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2016-10-24 09:48

8362DevZone Help CenterMembershipFeedbackLowApplying as translator2016-10-10 16:52Translations

8360DevZone Help CenterMembershipFeedbackLowApplying as translator2016-10-09 08:46Translations

83302cctsBugFeedbackLow5th gen boxcar graphics swappedTransportman2016-09-15 10:30

8349DevZone Help CenterMembershipFeedbackLowApplying as translator2016-08-29 16:31Translations

8332DevZone Help - bad gateway2016-08-10 18:59

7903DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewNormalApplying for project: GRFMaker2016-08-10 18:47

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