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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7803Polish PKP Set 2.0Feature RequestNewNormalwater2015-10-09 19:39

7802Polish PKP Set 2.0BugNewNormalcargo loading speed2015-10-09 19:35

7801xUSSR SetBugNewImmediateCF is brokenplanetmaker2015-10-08 13:56

7800Iron HorseFeatureNewNormalNew Graphics for SOAM Gen 1 Mail Carandythenorth2015-10-07 03:02

7797Polish PKP Set 2.0BugNewNormalWrong tourist capacity for WLAB2015-10-08 14:53Functionality2.0.12

7796xUSSR SetFeatureNewUrgentУлучшение тяговых характеристик всего ПСWowan2015-10-03 17:440.4

77882cctsBugNewNormalCoach weights2015-10-02 19:34

7787World Airliners SetFeature RequestNewNormalAdd auto refit on freightersGeorge2015-09-27 18:26General NML

7774Dutch Road FurnitureFeatureNewNormalAll lanes closed for matrix signs2015-09-22 18:30

7773Bee RewardBugNewNormalUse different cost category?2015-09-22 17:28

7760YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesFeatureNewHighBase tile visible in invisible modeSylf2015-09-08 16:26

77582cctsBugNewLowFCPBA M Railcar maximum age is 40 years2015-09-07 15:26

77572cctsBugAssignedNormalFS ALn668 should be a railbusTransportman2015-09-06 20:08Code2.0-alpha1

77562cctsBugNewNormalDMU/EMU Power Output CorrectionsTransportman2015-09-06 20:11Code

77552cc TramsFeatureNewNormalparameter to select cargo/passenger vehicles2015-09-05 19:17

77502cctsBugNewLowLong vehicle alignmentsTransportman2015-09-05 17:05Graphics

7742FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewUrgentReadme confusion2015-08-26 18:56

7740DevZone Help CenterBugNewHighVerify retention of old releasesplanetmaker2015-08-06 15:10

77392cctsFeatureNewNormalEngine name corrections Germany/Austria2015-08-05 13:51

7738OpenGFX MarsCode ReviewNewLowMars tiles2015-08-04 18:45

7737OpenGFX MarsFeature RequestNewLowReplace water tiles with crevasse2015-08-04 18:39

7735Polish PKP Set 2.0BugNewNormalKgns - too large capacity for VEHI in ECSTadeuszD2015-09-09 15:12Functionality2.0.12

7734NutracksFeatureNewNormalupgrade tracks2015-07-28 08:13

77332cctsBugNewLowMetro and MU wagons are mixable in depot2015-08-15 14:34

7732zBaseBugNewNormalSome arctic houses are drawn as transparent2015-07-27 15:18

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