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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
6864OpenGFX+ LandscapeFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2014-04-13 23:52

6863Fake BridgesFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2014-04-13 23:51

6862Road HogBugNewNormalNo mail transport before 19052014-04-16 02:27

6861Iron HorseBugNewNormalTin Rocket / Slammer autorefit borked2014-04-13 16:19

6856NUTS Unrealistic Train SetFeatureNewNormalupdate the simplified chinese lang2014-04-09 15:06

6855FIRS Industry Replacement SetFeatureNewNormal simplified chinese lang update2014-04-09 15:05

6852FISHFeatureNewNormalBuy costs - rebalance against IH2014-04-09 15:14

6850Dutch Trains 2BugNewNormalGTW Loading time2014-04-05 18:02

6849Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsCode ReviewNewNormalPossible replacement of Gimp script with xcf2png2014-04-04 21:32

6848OpenGFXBugNewNormalMissing readme and changelog2014-04-02 11:45build system

6847OpenGFXBugNewNormalbuild a proper zipped or gzip source bundle2014-03-31 20:15build system0.5.1

6846OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalMonorail misalignment2014-03-31 17:18

68452cctsFeatureNewNormalVehicles from non-existant countries2014-03-31 11:18

68442cctsBugNewNormalDouble BR 772014-03-31 10:28

6842OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalwrong industry type for bank, power station and water tower2014-03-28 10:070.4.0

6841Road HogFeatureNewNormalAdd Horse-drawn Vehicles for early players2014-03-27 07:53

6839Dutch Tram SetFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2014-03-25 01:15

6838Planet of the apes: Ghat landscapeBugNewNormaltunnel entry sprites2014-03-23 19:271.1.0

6837World Airliners SetBugNewNormalA318 liveries on alphabetical order2014-03-22 22:17World Airliners Set v1.0

6836Dutch Rail FurnitureFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2014-03-22 01:55

6835OpenGFX+ TrainsFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2014-03-22 01:54

6834Neighbours are importantFeatureNewLowUpdate translations.2014-03-22 01:53

6833Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsBugNewNormalbuilds show as modifiedplanetmaker2014-03-21 11:35

6831FISHFeatureNewNormalHydrofoils - refit valuables etc2014-03-17 22:10

6830World Airliners SetBugNewNormalFix A319 paintsRvP932014-03-17 20:43GraphicsWorld Airliners Set v1.0

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