Bug #2

Invalidate yapf cache.

Added by Hirundo over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2009-04-29
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Hirundo% Done:


Target version:IS2.0-beta3


It may be needed to invalidate the YAPF cache after any change in
sharing settings for trains. For RVs and ships it is probably
pointless, as access to roads and water is not regulated by sharing

To be investigated.

Since the current behaviour is probably flawed, I classify this as a bug.

Associated revisions

Revision 135:638fb31434eb
Added by darkvater about 13 years ago

(svn r136) -Feature/Fix: Console Rev #2 and WKC_BACKQUOTE this patch adds new features to the ingame console and inserts a new keymanagement for windows pcs... (sign_de)

Revision 225:ce42a847e994
Added by miham about 13 years ago

(svn r226) Daily langfile updates #2.

Revision 237:eba663c2ca26
Added by miham about 13 years ago

(svn r238) Daily langfile updates #2.

Revision 252:60a82c58389f
Added by miham about 13 years ago

(svn r253) Daily lf upd #2. -- 1470 strings missing from 8 languages

Revision 409:01fd0d0b7376
Added by truelight about 13 years ago

(svn r411) -Fix: [New Network] Generalized the network-errors
-Add: [New Network] Client can send their player-name. Double names are filtered by the server (by adding #1, #2, ..)

Revision 1846:8b3fb352c63c
Added by miham almost 13 years ago

(svn r1871) Daily langfile updates #2.

Revision 1872:2d8dabcbeab8
Added by Darkvater almost 13 years ago

(svn r1897) - Fix: [ 1120424 ] Set name overwrites same name. Renamings because your name is in use are virtual though so if name "b" is in use your name will become "b #1", renaming yourself again to "b" will become "b #2", and will toggle between these two.

Revision 1986:2cbf8ab52dbb
Added by darkvater over 12 years ago

(svn r2011) - Fix: [ 1162209 ] Fix OS/2 build (orudge) #2

Revision 2037:74d2fb62a402
Added by darkvater over 12 years ago

(svn r2062) - Set native eol-style on some OS specific files to allow cross-OS diff patching #2

Revision 2101:7d80c05c6066
Added by Darkvater over 12 years ago

(svn r2126) - Fix: #2 Fix compilation with network disabled, and comment out some of the warnings (unused function) (I missed this out the last commit, sorry)

Revision 2401:194fb4480fa8
Added by miham over 12 years ago

(svn r2426) [Translations] Updated to 2005-06-06 #2. (133 strs / 12 langs)

Revision 2417:155c4c2b2a37
Added by miham over 12 years ago

(svn r2442) [Translations] Updated to 2005-06-15 #2. (27+X strs / all lang)
[Translations] 10 strings got added, 8 strings got changed in english.txt, lots of work ahead

Revision 3431:0736db0a05c5
Added by Darkvater almost 12 years ago

(svn r3481) - Try and fix an svn discrepancy of trolly.h #2

Revision 3963:ac0c3fd009f6
Added by miham over 11 years ago

(svn r4011) [test WT2 #2.]

Revision 4781:20bd6be1b58a
Added by celestar over 11 years ago

(svn r4843) [bridge] -Fix (attempt #2) Do not allow towns to build houses under bridges

Revision 5344:7ce1dddecf31
Added by Darkvater over 11 years ago

(svn r5413) Release 0.4.8-RC1 (try #2)

Revision 5345:e6e78ed70d12
Added by Darkvater over 11 years ago

Release 0.4.8-RC1 (try #2)

Revision 7645:a4315072802c
Added by miham almost 11 years ago

(svn r7756) WebTranslator2 update to 2007-01-02 19:29:06 part #2
Somehow SVN hang when I tried to commit lithuanian changes, let me try it again

lithuanian - 170 fixed, 26 changed by Domas (196)

Revision 7913:bdf6c220b790
Added by KUDr almost 11 years ago

(svn r8022) [cpp] - Fix: [OS/2] compiler warnings (#2)

Revision 7914:7e60e914d7e4
Added by KUDr almost 11 years ago

(svn r8023) [cpp] - Fix: (r8022) [OS/2] compiler warnings (#2) reposition 'const'

Revision 8677:9f1fa1315580
Added by Darkvater over 10 years ago

(svn r8919) -Regression (UTF8) (try #2): Win9x is very picky about trailing slashes in paths, so C:\\* will not work (but C:\Windows\\* does; go figure). Thanks glx for pointing it out and for the initial fix.

Revision 15107:490a62ca65ab
Added by peter1138 over 7 years ago

(svn r19235) -Add: [NewGRF] Add 2 bits of pseudo-random data for rail types, based on tile location.


#1 Updated by Hirundo over 8 years ago

  • Target version changed from IS2.0-beta2 to IS2.0-beta3

#2 Updated by Hirundo over 8 years ago

I added a function call to invalidate the yapf cache in HandleSharingChange: r11965

However, I think / fear more YAPF adjustments will be needed. We probably need (cached) segments to end on track owner change. More investigation into this difficult matter is needed.

#3 Updated by Hirundo over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

Fixed: r12025

I hope I did everything properly, since it was very difficult for me to accurately test this.

#4 Updated by Hirundo over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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