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Latest news

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.4.2 released
NML 0.4.2 is released and contains next to the support for more than 64 industries and important fix which ensures reproducable compilation by enforcing reproducable sorting of language strings
Added by planetmaker 5 months ago

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.4.1 released
Maintenance release which (hopefully) makes packaging possible again
Added by planetmaker 10 months ago

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.5.2
Maintenance release with additional spirtes to support OpenTTD 1.5.0
Added by planetmaker 10 months ago

DevZone Help Center: Activation of retention policy
Added by Spike 11 months ago

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.4.0 released
NML 0.4.0 is released. It requires python3.2+ now and offers improved NewGRF support and gains much speed by using caching for sprite encodings
Added by planetmaker 12 months ago

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Latest projects

  • towngrowthadjuster-gs (2016-01-07 21:41)

    A script that adds cargo requirements to town growth. Requirements adjust depending on used newGRFs.

  • Hungarian Set (2016-01-01 13:09)

    Hungarian set is the comprehensive name of the Ikarus Set, the Hungarian Truck set and the MÁV Set.



  • BRIX Realism Is XXXX (2015-12-28 09:02)

    BRIX is a project with goal to replace every single sprite that the base game uses, to eventually form into a base set.
    Right now it is in development - first it will be released as a NewGRF, until it gets all of the sprites necessary.

    All sprites will be in x4 zoom in 32bpp colours....

  • grfmaker (2015-12-21 16:09)

    GRFMaker is a Windows program that allows creating GRF files for TTDPatch and OpenTTD with a graphical user interface. You will still need to be at home the NFO specification to be able to create GRFs, but GRFMaker removes some of the hairier bits of NFO coding....

  • Eints for OpenTTD (2015-11-29 14:31)

    Fork with OpenTTD.org specific changes.
    Mostly scripts and appearance.