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Latest news

NewGRF Meta Language: NML now using python 3.2+
NML nightlies leading towards NML 0.4.0 require now python 3.2 or newer
Added by planetmaker 4 months ago

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.3.1 released
NML 0.3.1 is a maintenance release to the 0.3 branch
Added by planetmaker 4 months ago

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.5.1
OpenGFX 0.5.1 released to be used with OpenTTD 1.2.0 or later.
Added by planetmaker 4 months ago

DevZone Help Center: Access to repositories
http access is being setup anew. Currently only ssh access available. See http://dev.openttdcoop.org/projects/home/wiki/Setting_up_SSH_%28Windows%29
Added by planetmaker 10 months ago

AI-Lib List: Release V.3
Bug fixes and update to use API .13
Added by fanioz about 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • PolTrams (2014-09-08 17:47)

    Poltrams newgrf allow to use most popular Polish trams: starting from pre-war Sanok,
    throughout variety of Konstal products, ending with modern Alstom and Bombardier vehicles, with 1cc and 2cc liveries.

  • Manpower-industries (2014-09-01 12:33)

    Fork of the OpenGFX+ Industries newgrf.
    Primary industries productivity boosted by passenger flow.
    Additional switches for industry creation/closure control.

  • Long vehicles (2014-08-31 09:44)
  • OttdStats (2014-08-16 19:50)
  • Sailing Ships (2014-08-15 16:59)

    Sailing Ship NewGRF by Mouse